Our sports camps held in Beit El Wadi that include fun, challenging and competitive games/activities that are both indoor and outdoor. Campers learn core values through experiential learning games where they go through an experience then they reflect and discuss what they have learned from that experience. Each camp caters for a different age group. KGC junior camp (Ages 10-13), KGC teens camp (Ages 13-17), and KGC seniors camp (Ages 17-21).

What does the camp include?

  • Intensive sports training with professional coaches.
  • Campers are taught some living values through experiential learning games and activities.
  • Campers learn how to express their feelings and share their daily problems through discussion groups.
  • Campers’ fears are faced and dealt with by climbing the High Tower, jumping off the Zip Line, and completing challenging activities at the Low Ropes Courses.

What makes KGC special is the comprehensive and exciting daily schedule that includes activities such as:

Sports Majors:

Each camper chooses a sports major that he/she practices daily with professional coaches to improve his/her athletic skills.

Treasure Time:

Is the time when campers learn different core values and develop their character through experiential learning activities, inspiring speakers and interactive discussions with their counselors.

Alpha and Omega:

Campers are split into two teams: Alpha and Omega and compete throughout the camp in various games and challenges. This adds a lot to the camp’s spirit. Through these competing teams, we teach campers various values such as ‘fair competition’

Cabin Clean Up:

Campers learn to clean up their cabins. They are expected to do so daily with the aid of their counselors.

Zip Line and High Ropes Course:

This is the time for real fun and learning when campers challenge themselves to climb the wall, jump off the zip line and complete the high ropes course.

Security Measures

At Kids Games Camps, safety of the campers is always our number one priority. Throughout camp, all the activities will be monitored and facilitated by trained professionals. At no time will campers be left unsupervised during an event or a competition. Also given the current security situation in our country, Kids Games Camp has, in collaboration with the management of Beit el Wadi facility, taken extra measures to ensure the safety of campers.

Extra security measures are as follows:

  • There will be a minimum of 2 trained Kids Games Camp staff on each bus.
  • Beit el Wadi has armed Bedouins positioned around the fence throughout the duration of camp.
  • We have contacted the Police station next to Beit El Wadi and made sure they will assist with security on campus.
  • We have camps currently running in Beit el Wadi with no incidents whatsoever.