About Us

About Us


Community Transformation in Egypt by converting life values in kids and their families using sports and activities.


Developing dynamic effective leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships, and role modeling.



We try to teach our campers that looking at things through the positivity lens helps them view matters differently, therefore react to issues differently.


We try to teach the camper to do the right thing when no one is watching.


Campers learn to work together through games and challenges that encourage them to support and encourage one another. We teach them that a team stands together, and by helping each other a challenge is overcome.


This is the major spirit and theme throughout the camp. Campers will experience FUN like never before.

Servant Leadership

We do our best to serve campers in an unconditional way because we believe what Robert Greenleaf said about 'Good leaders must first become good servants.


A key concept we try to build in our campers. Whether it's obeying their elderly, their parents, or even us at camp. It's a value that children at a young age ought to learn to be able to go on through life and wisely choose who to obey and who not to.